Male intimate


Dissatisfaction with one’s intimate areas can often create issues of confidence for men. Further, most men do not automatically think about discussing their options with the doctor since talking about their intimate areas tends to not be that common and can thus create further discomfort. As such, most future patients initially have no idea how easy, fast and effective the solution to their concern might be. It is, in fact, so effective, that when talking about intimate cosmetic surgery for men we are also talking about the cosmetic surgery procedures with the highest satisfaction rate, no doubt being the key contributor towards the fast rate of growth of such operations in recent years.

Reasons to turn towards intimate cosmetic surgery are plenty-fold, ranging from individual physiological differences to health issues which may impact physical intimacy issues with one’s partner.

Foreskin procedures – preputioplasty: A plastic surgical operation during which either excessive foreskin is narrowed to aid with hygiene maintenance or widened to help avoid any constrictions and discomfort.


Penis enlargement (penis lengthening or penis widening) – there is no one agreed guide which defines the ‘perfect’ shape and size of a sexual organ. Such definitions depend on the patient themselves and there is a range of options available for any male patients wishing to adjust their penis in accordance with their own definitions or norms.


Testicular implants or testis prosthesis – a solution for men missing a testicle. (For example, an undescended testicle might have been removed in childhood or even later, or a testicle has been removed due to injury or health issues.) During the procedure, the missing testicle is replaced with an implant to ensure a natural-looking scrotum thereafter. Given the confidence-boosting impact, incredibly high success-rate and effective results of this procedure, it’s popularity has only continued to grow.