About us

About US


MEDICONSULTS is a consulting agency for the area of medicine, founded as the response to individual’s needs on the path of self-realization and feeling of completeness. Each person strives for the feeling of self-respect and acceptance by the environment, while the modern society criteria rises. We can say that appealing looks and healthy body have become a form of culture, as well as the method of accomplishing a number of goals.

Modern medicine offers a number of solutions for health and aesthetic issues, and the desires of our clients motivated us to, after years of cooperation, join forces in this form and offer top quality and professionalism to the market.

We are recognizable for:

  • Significant number of satisfied clients
  • Constant education and following global trends
  • Extensive experience
  • Modern hospitals and clinics with license to provide services for medical tourism issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia
  • Fast realization of client’s needs

We offer the following:

  • Maximum security and quality of prices offered
  • Free consultations with a specialist prior to arrival
  • All types of transport during the stay, meeting at the airport, transport to the clinic and return to the apartment
  • Hotel or apartment accommodation near the clinic
  • City tours
  • Options for types and arrangements and services

Health and Beauty are Different Sides of the Same Coin