Female intimate


Female intimate plastic surgery has grown in popularity over the years, and it generally involves the reconstruction, tightening, narrowing, decreasing the size and beautifying of the vagina.Vaginal rejuvenation involves several surgical procedures that reduce the tone of the walls and the muscles of the vagina. Many women lose vaginal muscle strength after delivery, but also because of extreme weight changes, due to age, strenuous activity, or genetics.There are many reasons why a woman wants to do vaginal rejuvenation.



Reductive labioplasty is comprised of reducing the size of Labia Minora (small inner folds of the vulva) that are thought to have been overly developed.

An overly developed minor can lead to functional discomfort in everyday life (tight clothing, sports activities, sexual relations, etc.). The operation involves the resection of excess mucous membranes. The scar may be longitudinal (when using longitudinal technique) or transversal (“clinical resection”), depending on the morphology of each patient.


Hymenoplasty or reconstruction of the hymen is an operation aimed at restoring the integrity of the hymen and returning it to its original structure when the patient was a virgin.  Regardless of the reasons for this type of vaginal reconstruction, it can be carried out at any age and regardless of the number of previous sexual intercourse.


Vaginoplasty is a “rejuvenation” procedure where the vagina is tightened, which is a common requirement for women after they have given vaginal delivery, which can cause the vagina to become even more stretched out.

Vaginoplasty may include a classic “under the knife” operation, although noninvasive procedures such as laser surgery are sometimes available. This type of intervention also helps in the case of stressful urinary incontinence.


Liposuction of the pubic area

Like elsewhere on the body, fat can accumulate in the pubic area. The pubic region is the found between the female reproductive organ and the lower abdominal region. The build-up of fat in this region can give a very negative aesthetic “look”, especially when a woman is naked, wearing a bikini or a swimsuit. However, one should not despair because this part of the female body can also undergo liposuction.


G spot enlargement

The G-spot had been described more than 60 years ago by the German gynecologist Gräfenberg . This area on the anterior wall of the vagina is 10–20 mm in diameter and is said to be approximately 5 cm above the ostium of the urethra. In some women, this area is highly sensitive and stimulation may quickly lead to orgasm . Although anatomical and biochemical studies have failed to provide evidence regarding the G-spot and only case studies and anecdotal observations support its presence , the demand for surgical G-spot augmentation is increasing. Hyaluronic acid or autologous fat are the described fillers for this procedure.