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WELLNES & SPA MediConsults

Wellness and Spa industries are recording a growing trend from year to year.

The growing tendency of these markets comes as a result of a shift in the attitudes of the population, which is now oriented towards improving the health and quality of life, which is manifested through the use of the services of these centers.

The term spa is an abbreviation of “Sanus per aquam” which means “health through water”. Spa, as an oasis of relaxation, offers its visitors a wide range of services starting from various cosmetic treatments, manicure, pedicure, chocolate treatments, body exfoliation, treatments with seaweed and mud from the Dead Sea, and so on. Unlike Wellness center includes a variety of services that are based on medical treatments.

All centers in offer are located in natural envoirment, near popular touristic destinations and meet the request of criteria of the most demanding clients